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A Pilot CV should present first the skills that are necessary and deemed indispensable to the profession. One indispensable duty of a pilot is to ensure the passengers and the freight will reach destinations as safely as possible. To do this, he must be equipped with excellent training in aircraft operations, communications, and maintenance. Often referred to as the captain of an aircraft, he must be able to make wise decisions on short notice, and be a good leader and effective communicator. A CV of a Pilot includes a succinct career aim, educational attainment, citation of the skills and competencies for the job, and a clear working history.

Denton Pitts
2777 Iaculis St. Kilmarnock Ayrshire UB39 0POZIP1
Tel: 01268 243116 Email: [email]
Date of Birth: July 19th, 1989
My aim is to deliver quality service by ensuring a safe and comfortable trip to passengers and the crew as well. I will make sure that certain precautionary measures, like checking for optimum performance of aircraft controls, are taken before every flight. I will make sure that before every flight, all necessary information is at hand such as weather updates, fuel requirement, engine check, and good route management. A major part of my career aim aside from developing my knowledge, skills, and attitude is to gain extensive experience to become a better pilot and to achieve a higher position in the aircraft industry.
BEng (Hons) in Aviation Engineering
Keele University – Keele
2007 to 2011
A Level’s in Mathematic, Chemistry, Physics
West Cheshire College – Handbridge
2005 to 2007
Highly experienced in flying commercial and military aircrafts
Good knowledge of FAA rules and regulations
Exceptional knowledge of NextGeneration Avionics
Skilled in operation of turbine powered and multi-engine aircrafts
Ability to perform duties of Flight Engineer
Ability to fly helicopters for search and rescue operations
Bond Air Services – Lincolnshire
2012 to Present
  • Performed aircraft flying operations based on FAA regulations and company policies.
  • Performed inspections and reported any safety problems to management.
  • Reviewed maintenance reports and trip logs to identify any irregularities.
  • Responded to customer complaints regarding noise and flying.
  • Performed flight duties in civil and military airfields.
  • Maintained navigation publications and operations documentations.
Hebridean Air Services – Buckinghamshire
2011 to 2012
  • Implemented standard operating procedures for aircrafts.
  • Developed training programs for flight crew.
  • Supervised flight crew and kept them informed about the flight status.
  • Participated in flight risk analysis and safety management operations.
  • Identified safety hazards and maintained reports on accidents.
  • Maintained adequate stock of aircraft fuel, components and other supplies.
Thomson Airways
Dylan Colon
8900 Suspendisse St., Kilwinning
Huntingdonshire, GK0J 2XG
Mobile: 07189 694887

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