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Electrical engineer deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Electrical engineer plans, constructs, tests, and oversees the manufacture of these systems/devices and specifically deals with power generation and distribution. The job opportunities for an electrical engineer are projected to grow as fast the average for all occupations. There is ongoing demand for electrical engineers to help maintain and improve electrical infrastructure. Job opportunities for qualified and experienced electrical engineers are good. To get your desired job you need to have a perfect electrical engineer resume. Your resume is the determining factor in getting an interview. So you need to put a large amount of preparation into a resume.

Duties and Responsibilities

Electrical engineer designs, builds and maintains electrical control systems, machinery and equipment. Electrical engineers can work in variety of fields like, transport networks; power generation, transmission and distribution; renewable energy sources; manufacturing and construction plant and machinery; building services; telecommunications and data communications, medial instruments or scientific and military research. But the general responsibilities of an electrical engineer include carrying out feasibility studies for new technical innovations; drawing up plans and specifications for projects, using computer-assisted engineering and design software; developing applications of controls, instruments, and systems for new commercial, domestic, and industrial uses; directing operations and coordinating manufacturing, procurement, construction, installation, maintenance, and testing activities to ensure compliance with specifications, codes, and customer requirements; proposing modifications and retesting products; qualifying the final product or system; monitoring a product in use to improve on future design and many other as required.

Electrical Engineer Resume Tips, Template and Sample

Electrical engineer must keep pace by earning advanced degrees, taking continuing education courses, and attending seminars, workshops and similar ventures. You need to present all your skills and additional certifications clearly in your resume to let the employer know about your potentialities. Here are some tips that can help you organize your resume clearly and make your resume stand out in the competition.

How to Write an Electrical Engineer Resume

Put together your information that you want to keep in the resume. Create a list of skills, experiences necessary, personal knowledge and abilities. Check your information with the employer specifications and add those specifications as skills in your list.

After gathering the information, choose the perfect format that suits your professional experience. Functional resumes are best suited for the entry level professionals or for people who have less related experience. The experienced professionals should use the chronological format.

Professional electrical engineer resumes must highlight the technical skills. Your resume must convey the employer that how you are valuable to the company. Elementary titles like hobbies and interests should be avoided in the resume. Keep your resume strictly to two pages with a short and clear description of your achievements in bulleted points.

Your experience and education details must be explained in reverse chronological order.

Use action verbs and keywords to make your responsibilities sound better. Mention clearly the years and do not include any wrong information in your resume. Mention your responsibilities in past tense. Proof reads your resume by your colleagues and friend.

Electrical Engineer Resume Template

Here is an electrical engineer resume template that can help you in crafting your own resume. Fill your gathered information in this template and develop an interview winning resume.

Contact Details:

Top of resume should include your personal information which includes name, address, email and phone.


Clearly state your ambition. Your precise relevant electrical engineering aim should be conveyed in this section.


This is the most important section in an electrical engineer resume. Highlight professional achievements and skills in short bulleted sentences. Include your knowledge about computers in tips section.

Professional Experience:

List your work experience in the reverse chronological order with the most recent job mentioned first. Include the name of the company, the position held and the years of working in a little bigger font. Under this describe your responsibilities and accomplishments in short bulleted points.


Include all relevant degrees, specializations, course study and distinctions, with highest-level work first.


If you are a member of any technical or social organizations, you can include that information in this section.

Sample Electrical Engineer Resume

Here is a sample electrical engineer resume for your reference. Personalize this resume with your information and draft your own resume.

Raphael Quincy

1234 East 69 Street

West Van Buren


Illinois, 60697



Objective: To secure a position of electrical engineer in a firm where I can use my technical skills and experience in designing procedures for electrical controls equipment, defining set points and calibration techniques effectively for the benefit of the company.


• Wide knowledge of analog and digital control circuits and systems.

• Sound knowledge of A-C power systems and digital signal processing.

• In-depth knowledge of circuit boards, processors and chips.

• Good budgetary skills

• Excellent team working and people skills

• C, C++, and HTML Languages.

• CAD, MS Windows / Office Suite, DOS Applications

Professional Experience:

Electrical Engineer, from 2007 to till date

Zenith Controls Inc., Chicago


• Prepared electrical drawings and specifications.

• Tested and designed high-power circuits.

• Managed project schedules and budgets, and obtained permits for operations.

• Ensured compliance with safety requirements and standards procedures.

• Designed and prototyped various analog and digital control circuits and systems.

• Performed site surveys to gather electrical equipment details needed to perform Power System Studies.

• Developed, modified, and supervised P&ID diagrams and similar drawings.

Electrical Engineer, from 2004 to 2007

Bright Electrical Supply Co, Chicago


• Designed and developed voltage control equipment for substations.

• Designed indoor and outdoor lighting system of building complexes.

• Prepared bills of materials for projects, created operating procedures for custom designed projects.

• Assisted and troubleshoot electrical issues at customer sites.

• Tested new circuitry for ISO 9001 compliance.

• Performed maintenance on electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems and cooling and drying equipment.

• Worked with Printed Wiring Board vendors implementing IPC-RB-276 specifications.


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 2003

University of Chicago

Certificate in electronic technology, 2004

University of Chicago

Awards and Honors:

• Member of electric association of Chicago

• Member of IEEE Student Chapter

An Electrical Engineer will be responsible for the design, testing and supervision of the installation of equipments, components, and other electrical devices for commercial use. The Electrical Engineer must have a professional license and must be highly skilled in the maintenance, repairs and operation of electrical devices.

Paul Rodriguez
881, Lily street
MD, 21620

Objective Looking for opportunity as electrical engineer that requires planning, installation, maintenance, repairs and electrical operations to help the company achieve its objectives. My skills and enthusiasm to do the job will help a great deal in achieving the company’s goals.


Arizona State University
BS Electrical Engineering, 2000


  • 8+ years experience in the design, installation and repair of electrical equipments
  • Expert in layout drawings
  • Strong familiarity with electrical equipments (HV, MV, LV switchgears and transformer, MMC, PLC, panel, control and starter),
  • Good supervisory skills
  • Skilled in Hardware Design and CC+
  • Knowledgeable in Computer and Internet applications

Professional Experience:

  • Electrical Engineer, 2008-Present
  • Micro Excel Services, Chestertown


  • Introduced engineering innovations.
  • Monitored installations of equipments and components to ensure that procedures are aligned with safety codes.
  • Responded to requests of different units and sections for any major repairs and problems in existing devices and systems.
  • Reviewed electrical designs and specifications in order to determine if these specifications meet the client’s needs.
  • Electrical Design Engineer, 2005-2008
  • Aerospace Appliances, Chestertown


  • Designed and developed components and speakers.
  • Involved in testing and improving systems used in high-end facilities.
  • Coordinated with other electrical engineers to ensure safety operations and installations.
  • Assigned in product demonstration for newly launched appliances.
  • Computer Engineer, 2000-2003
  • Computer Resources, Corp., Chestertown


  • Introduced engineering innovations.
  • Monitored installations of equipments and components to ensure that procedures are aligned with safety codes.
  • Responded to requests of different units and sections for any major repairs and problems in existing devices and systems.
  • Reviewed electrical designs and specifications in order to determine if these specifications meet the client’s needs.
  • Electrical Design Engineer, 2005-2008
  • Aerospace Appliances, Chestertown

Certifications and Affiliations

Registered Professional Engineer
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, member

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