Marketing Manager Sales Responsibilities and Duties

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Research and develop relations with all potential political, nonprofit and clients in Northeast as well as DC/MD/VA areas.

Identify new verticals having potential to make company’s impact.

Identity offline and online, free and paid marketing opportunities to facilitate raise profiles and reach prospective clients.

Manage organizations’ website, online social media and marketing efforts.

Review and record existing practices and introduce new plus innovative strategies to promote company online.

Develop strategic recommendations on modes to enhance and better integrate entire marketing strategy.

Prepare weekly sales and marketing efforts reports.

Prepare client proposals, client service agreements, scopes of work and varied required documents.

Initiate individual dialogue with all prospects through direct telemarketing or email.

Engage and manage existing or potential referral partners comprising of recruiting, consulting, technology companies to share same potential.

Develop referral network system through internal team of customers and employees.

Assist to prepare proposal, complete contract and identify support document completion.

Identify creative modes to find business.

Manage and maintain CRM lead database.

Support all added HQ back office functions.

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