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Sammy Hagiston
145 Juniper Avenue
Boise, ID 66533
January 21, 2008
Tina Roberts, D.D.S.
Roberts Family Dentistry
887 West Piedmont Avenue
Boise, ID 66533
Dear Dr. Roberts:
I recently moved to Boise and am looking to bring my education and experience as a Family Dentist on board with a neighborhood dental practice. I submit my application for your advertisement-as posted in the Boise News, with great enthusiasm.
I have all accreditations in Dentistry as required, offer all qualifications that you seek in your advertisement, as well as ten years experience in Dentistry. I have worked for two practices which facilitated comprehensive care services for adults and children; and have a glowing track record of achievements and professional contact accolades.

I would love the opportunity to discuss my expertise and talents further with you, if you could contact me with the best time for an interview. Please contact me at 555-555-5555 at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.
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Sammy Hagiston, D.D.S
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