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Some helpful advices about resume creation.

Follow-Up Strategies for a Resume

You have sent application documents to the company and have not heard from them for more than a week? Is the battle for the position lost? If you do not want to simply wait for the company to remember you, take the first step to remind the employer about yourself by choosing the appropriate follow-up […]

Posted 16 Jun, 2013 in Resume Building, Resume Help
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Application Tests

Besides an employment background check, which may be conducted by an especially inquisitive employer, a job-seeker might encounter another trial in the form of an employment test. One must understand that the more luring and lucrative the position is -the longer and more complicated the application process will be. So if you have faced the […]

Posted 8 Jun, 2013 in Cover Letters, Job Search, Resume Help
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Resume Follow- Up Techniques. Risky But Worth Trying!

A question of whether an applicant should bother an employer by supervising an application process after sending a resume is rather controversial. You may find both advocates and opponents of any actions taken to quicken your hiring process. However, taking into account all the pros and cons of a follow-up application procedure, you may find […]

Posted 3 Jun, 2013 in Resume Building, Resume Help
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What Is an Employment Reference and Where to Get One?

Being trustworthy is one of the keys to a successful and quick job landing. However, an employer does not know you yet and thus an employment process for him\her (as well as for you) is a kind of a Russian roulette, when a prospect employee may turn out to be that very “shot” to ruin […]

Posted 4 May, 2013 in Career Advices, Job Search, Resume Help
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Resume Mistakes. Opinions of Hiring Managers

It’s not a secret that a successful resume should combine customization and uniqueness. Any hiring manager will tell you that your career background, relevant skills and certifications are sure to attract attention of the prospect employer. However, this mention of obvious facts does not keep many candidates from committing silly, from the hiring managers’ point […]

Posted 21 Apr, 2013 in Resume Building, Resume Help
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5 Common Resume Mistakes

There are many ways to spoil your application documents. However, there are only 5 deadly mistakes which, appearing on your resume, may have a detrimental effect on your application process. In this article you will find a key to avoiding these 5 common screen-out resume factors.

Posted 14 Apr, 2013 in Resume Building, Resume Help
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Special Offer! Eye-Catching Work Experience Section for Your Resume with Minimal Efforts

Drafting a resume is a useful practice that will enable an applicant to prioritize information and thus choose an appropriate format and section order for the resume. One of the most essential resume paragraphs, Work Experience\History, should be noticeable not only because of its location in the document, but it must also grab the reader’s […]

Posted 3 Apr, 2013 in Resume Building, Resume Help
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Pump Up Your Work Experience

The worst nightmare of any job-hunter is to finally find the dream job but face the harsh reality of high demands from an employer. The majority of white-collar as well as blue-collar positions require experience. Must an experience-lacking candidate leave any hopes to get a decent job? But then how can such an immature candidate […]

Posted 31 Mar, 2013 in Resume Building, Resume Help
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Key-Words Friendly Resume

In the electronic era of search engines and the Internet governing, there is no more need for a hiring manager to look for an easy escape out of a paper ‘maze’ of employees’ resumes. The job-search as well as the job- hunt have shifted to the terrain of computerized standards and thus entrusted the Word […]

Posted 24 Mar, 2013 in Resume Building, Resume Help
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Curriculum Vitae. Serve It Right!

If you were asked to write a mysterious CV (stands for Curriculum Vitae) and found yourself at a loss what to do, you definitely need our ‘first aid’ at formatting and stuffing a CV. Read our tips and advice to write a stunning CV and make the ‘employable’ first impression.

Posted 20 Mar, 2013 in Curriculum Vitae, Resume Building, Resume Help
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