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What Is an Employment Reference and Where to Get One?

Being trustworthy is one of the keys to a successful and quick job landing. However, an employer does not know you yet and thus an employment process for him\her (as well as for you) is a kind of a Russian roulette, when a prospect employee may turn out to be that very “shot” to ruin […]

Posted 4 May, 2013 in Career Advices, Job Search, Resume Help
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Career Change: Where to Start?

If you have decided to switch to another job field but stay at a loss, not knowing where to go and what to do, you definitely need to read this article with some guidelines for a successful and painful career change. What is the magic thread to link your past experience with the requirements of […]

Posted 17 Jan, 2013 in Career Advices, Job Search
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Appropriate Skills for a Career Changer

In one of our previous articles with tips for career changers we’ve highlighted three important questions to take into consideration when writing a resume. We’ve already listed those soft skills that may be essential for the successful transition to another career path. Now we are going to look in details at how to make maximum […]

Posted 26 Nov, 2012 in Career Advices, Job Search
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Deceitful Misconceptions that May Spoil Your Job Search

Applicants often get lost in the heaps of guidebooks and publications on a successful job-search. Some of the advice is misleading; some is just incompetent or obsolete due to the quick pace of changes in cultural and technological trends as well as in corporate etiquette and values of modern company-employers. In this article we present […]

Posted 4 Sep, 2012 in Career Advices, Job Search
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Eye-Catching Opening for Your Cover Letter

Though for someone the question about how to start a cover letter may seem rather silly, an applicant who wants to succeed in a job-hunt must realize that there are no trifles in the issue of resume and cover letter writing. The opening paragraph of a cover letter is of great importance as it’s like […]

Posted 30 Aug, 2012 in Career Advices, Cover Letters
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Key Factors to Influence Job Offer Decision

At last having followed all the guidelines of resume preparation and interview tips you received the awaited job offer. What to do next? What if your professional resume won more than one job offer within several companies? How to choose the appropriate variant? We will give you some advice on what factors to take into […]

Posted 30 Jul, 2012 in Career Advices, Interview Tips
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Optimal Set of Application Documents

What does a job-hunter need for a successful application? A resume? A resume and a cover letter? Everything depends on the experience of a candidate. For mature applicants an ordinary- looking resume, which contains names of world-famous companies an applicant worked for, may become the very ‘golden ticket’ to the wonders of the job inaccessible […]

Posted 17 Jul, 2012 in Career Advices, Cover Letters
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How to Answer Unexpected Interview Questions

A thorough preparation before an interview is a key to making oneself a few steps closer to the dreamed position. However, after answering a standard set of questions about educational background and work history, an applicant may find himself ill at ease encountering an unexpected twist of the conversation when asked to exemplify behaviour under […]

Posted 9 May, 2012 in Career Advices, Interview Tips
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Long Live the Resume!

Many applicants, who have already found a job, lay their old resume onto the dusty shelf -and make the biggest mistake in their work life. What if a job of your dreams is waiting just round the corner? Or you are offered a promotion in the mother-company? Your old resume still has much more to […]

Posted 20 Apr, 2012 in Career Advices, Resume Building, Resume Help
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Cover Letter and Resume. See any Difference?

Modern applicants consider cover letter writing to be a complete waste of time. The excuses for such behaviour are numerous- according to the latest survey, applicants think that a)cover letters are not read at all; b)it’s unnecessary to compose documents not stated on the job opening; c)letter-writing is not required for the position. Although, the […]

Posted 18 Apr, 2012 in Career Advices, Cover Letters
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