A List of Resume Objectives Worth Including into Cover Letter

Posted 1 Apr, 2011 in Resume Building
resume objectives

Resume is a dense professional autobiography of a person. The art of writing a resume includes fitting your passionate desire to get a position into the frames of business standards and adjusting your achievements and skills to the demands and needs of the employer. To the last point contribute correctly chosen resume objectives, that corresponding to employer’s request will catch his eye and ensure continuous reading of the applicant’s resume. The article offers resume objective samples and helps to choose good objectives for the resume.

Resume objectives giving a summary of applicant’s career goals and job achievements help an employer to evaluate employee’s appropriateness for the position.


  1. The first rule of successful resume objectives state: place the objectives at the very beginning of the resume to make sure an employer definitely reads them.
  2. The second rule cuts down the size of objective list to 3-4 sentences. Being brief and sticking to the point is also a skill to learn.
  3. The third advice suggests including professional experience into the objective.


We’ve gathered catalogue of professional objectives and we glad to share it with you: Resume Objective Examples


Thus resume objectives can be divided into at least 2 paragraphs:

  • The first – stating short summary of your career
  • The second – objectives and expectation of a prospect job. The second part is the most important as all the employers are concerned with their own needs and the only thing that troubles them is whether you can bring any profit to the company.

So you can combine advertising your skills and employer’s interests like in the following resume objective samples:

I would like to take the post of the sales manager so that my experience can be effectively utilized to increase product sales volume by developing a dynamic team

I aspire to obtain a position of the software specialist where my seven years experience can increase the bottom line

Don’t shorten the objectives just to a few words it sounds ambiguous and raises questions. Try to write full sentences not just like “I am seeking a position with a good opportunity for quicker advancement”. From such a sentence it’s unclear what advancement you are seeking. Employer isn’t obliged to guess your desires and wishes.
The graduates lacking professional experience can dwell on the course work they’ve completed and include more information about personal qualities as well as people who due to some circumstances (military service) have been out of the workforce. The latter can write about valuable experience they gained. However, there are some cases when including resume objectives is unnecessary. You may omit objectives applying for more than one post simultaneously (especially for the ones from different spheres) or when you can’t be specific about the job.

To sum up the best objectives for the resume, we may note the seven “cardinal virtues”:

  • Place the objectives at the beginning
  • Mention your professional skills and necessarily your achievements
  • Look for companies objectives to adjust to employer’s needs
  • Be precise and argumentative
  • Don’t write general unfinished sentences
  • Often used sentence openings are “my objective is…”, “my goal is…“, “I am seeking a position…”, “I would like to take/obtain the post…
  • Remember to take into consideration employer’s benefits.

The following resume objective samples will contribute to the successful resume composing.

Resume Objective Samples:

General Objective examples:

I can better help the employees in learning new strategies and ideas for the growth of the company. Looking for obtaining a leader position within an organization where my accomplished education and demonstrated abilities will help to teach and motivate people while maintain accomplishments and interests.

Seeking for a challenging and rewarding post in a dynamic company where I can use my strong technical knowledge and skills for developing codes. A result oriented and self motivated software developer. I want to use my technical background and expertise in developing software by using valuable resources within a growing organization.

Auditor resume objective sample:

Willing to work in a reputed company to secure a reputed post of auditor where I can easily utilize my communicating, auditing and problem solving skills.

Sales resume objective sample:

Seeking a position that will benefit from my sales experience, positive interaction skills and industry contacts where my twelve years’ experience can improve the sales results.

Teacher resume objective sample:

To obtain a position as a School Teacher that will utilize my strong dedication to children’s development and to their educational needs.

Accountant resume objective sample:

To secure a position that will lead to a lasting working relationship in the field of accounting or bookkeeping.

Web developer resume objective sample:

Interested in furthering a career with a web development firm that will utilize management skills in the field of web technologies.

Manager resume objective sample:

An upper-level management position in an executive capacity where leadership and management skills can be exercised to improve the firm’s expansion and long-term viability as a successful business.

Much more resume objectives you can find in our free catalogue here.

And at last the final advice for suitable resume objectives: writing a resume and choosing good resume objectives is the same as defending yourself in a court: you must prove that you are worth trusting and getting the job.

We know how to prepare a professional resume!

Posted 1 Apr, 2011 in Resume Building
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    Cover letter and resume objectives are heart of the resume… I like your resume objective samples.

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