Military Resume Objectives Samples

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military portraitA military background brings a special set of skills and preparation for employment. You want to make sure that you highlight the way in which your military experience has better prepared you for the job you seek than other applicants without that background. On this page you will find a number of resume objective statements designed to help you showcase your unique background and future promise.

Whether you are transitioning after a tour of duty or embarking on a second career after years of dedicated service, combining strong objective statements like these with the power of the sample military resumes is the best way to demonstrate your fitness of purpose.

To be able to work and do my best job, one that is suited to my skills, talent and experience, and to be of service in my full ability for the benefit of my employer.
William Bryant – Corona, CA
To obtain a position of … that will enable me to use my organizational skills, educational background and my ability to work well with people.
Donna Ward – Pasadena, TX
Seeking a position where I can become established as a new team member after 10 years of military service in the army on the position of …
John Washington – Rockford, IL
To have a position of … where I can use my skills and hardworking ability, to benefit my employer and be of service to others.
James Miller – Kansas City, KS
To utilize my professional and life skills experience with the intention of securing a professional career of … with ample opportunity to tackle challenges and advance, while continuously building on my library of knowledge and skills.
Jennifer Anderson – Torrance, CA
To obtain a position within the company that will allow me to utilize my education and work experience for the benefit of the company as well as for personal growth and professional advancement.
John King – Paterson, NJ
I would like to obtain a position that utilizes and further develops each of my skills and will allow me to work my way up into a position of more responsibility.
Robert Nelson – Dayton, OH
To work in a company that would trust my knowledge and skills in the field of … and have an opportunity to continue my education at (name) college.
Sandra Russell – Frisco, TX
A challenging career opportunity utilizing my accounting education, skills and experience to promote the company’s success.
William Hayes – Olathe, KS
I am looking for an opportunity in a reputed organization where I can complement my skills and contribute in the most effective manner.
Robert Gray – Waco, TX
A position in an organization where my knowledge and skills in the area of … will be further developed to be globally competitive in the business and communications industry.
Michael Baker – Cedar Rapids, IA
To obtain a position where I can utilize my experience in an office environment, my ability to adapt and learn quickly, and my ability to work well with others.
Susan Watson – Thornton, CO
To get a suitable job where I will get an opportunity to enhance my abilities in communication and interpersonal skills gained at the position of a spokesman in …
Nancy Jenkins – Hartfold, CT

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