Sample Counseling Psychologist Resume

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Carl Richards
3014 Kovar Road
Burlington, MA 1803

Job Objective To secure a Counseling Psychologist within your organization.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Strong experience in providing counseling psychological services
  • Exceptional knowledge of psychotherapeutic and psycho diagnostic techniques
  • Huge knowledge of preventive mental health outreach programs
  • Familiarity with various community organizations
  • Ability to provide individual, couple and family counseling procedures
  • Ability to conduct psycho-educational workshops
  • Ability to identify, analyze, and devise solutions
  • Ability to provide trainings for interns.

Professional Experience:

Counseling Psychologist
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Burlington, MA
August 2007 – Present

  • Developed treatment plans based on patient’s psychological problems.
  • Evaluated patient’s mental health through interviews, observations, and case histories.
  • Provided therapies as per patient’s needs and interests.
  • Modified therapy plan based on patient’s progress.
  • Worked with other medical staffs to coordinate patient care services.
  • Explained patients and families about treatment procedures.
  • Referred patients to other medical specialists if needed.
  • Provided counseling services at schools, social service agencies, clinics, colleges, rehabilitation centers and businesses.

Counseling Psychologist
University of Illinois at Chicago, Burlington, MA
May 2004 – July 2007

  • Conducted psychological tests and prepared test reports.
  • Analyzed test results to identify patient’s problems and diagnoses.
  • Reviewed and recommended improvements to counseling techniques.
  • Helped patients to achieve their social, personal and educational adjustments.
  • Provided both individual and group counseling services.
  • Provided support for psychological research programs.


Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology
Silver Lake College, Manitowoc, WI

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Citrus College, Glendora, CA

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