Sample Athletic Business Manager Resume

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James Beall
853 Dennison Street
Modesto, CA 95354

Job Objective Educated and qualified Athletic Business Manager seeks position in a rising company where I can grow and become an asset.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Admirable experience managing all accounting and business work for organization in compliance with necessary rules and regulations
  • Exceptional knowledge of sport rules
  • Deep knowledge of physical care of athletes
  • Immense ability to prepare reports for CFO
  • Ability to walk on irregular surface to outline athletic fields
  • Ability to transport, lift, and or unpack classroom and athletic materials
  • Ability to measure and outline sports fields in preparation for usage
  • Outstanding ability to outline all athletic fields as per requirement

Professional Experience:

Athletic Business Manager
Ancillary Advantage, Inc., Modesto, CA
October 2008 – Present

  • Assisted director in managing administrative work and maintaining budget for all athletic events.
  • Evaluated expenditures for athletic budget and accounted expenditures for staff and funds obtained from state.
  • Maintained daily log of all ledgers and recorded all expenditures made.
  • Established new accounts for new sport activities and programs.
  • Determined and maintained all accounting records of new accounts prepared.
  • Analyzed yearly budget and associated requests from departments and approved it by director.
  • Collated financial data for every year and interpreted same with help of various databases.
  • Coordinated with various departments and submitted bids for uniforms and other athletic equipments.

Athletic Assistant
University of Utah, Modesto, CA
August 2003 – September 2008

  • Assisted in getting all courts and fields ready for various athletic events.
  • Maintained all vehicles, repaired and detailed according to requirements.
  • Monitored usage of buses and ensured its cleanliness at all times.
  • Administered locker rooms, gyms and swimming pools and inspected facilities on a daily basis and maintained safety regulations.
  • Managed inventory of all athletic department equipments and repaired equipments as required.
  • Participated in various departmental meetings and planned activities accordingly.

Athletic Trainer
Dickinson College, Modesto, CA
May 1998 – July 2003

  • Developed and implemented sports medical program for high school and ensured its administration.
  • Administered treatment provided to athletes and coordinated with medical personnel to provide same.
  • Maintained a preventive physical program and ensured all equipments and supplies safety at all times.
  • Coordinated with high school and arranged physical examinations of athletes and maintained necessary athletic data as required.
  • Planned and assisted various coaches and developed various physical training programs and prepared special training menus.
  • Scheduled purchases of medical sport supplies and equipments in accordance to budget.


Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Administration
Saint Peter’s College, Jersey City, NJ

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