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Jana Morris
1850 Gerald L. Bates Drive
Newton, MA 2160

Oct 2, 20

Mrs. Elease Hicks
A Frisco pet sitter
3156 Asylum Avenue
Stamford, CT 6995

Dear Mrs. Hicks,

I would like to secure a position at your agency as a Pet Sitter. I saw your recent listing in the Seattle Times on Tuesday and was excited to see an opening for the exact job I am looking for. My resume is attached to this document along with the letters of recommendation I can offer as well.

While I do not have any formal schooling, I have worked in a kennel and as a freelance pet sitter for almost three years now. I love animals of all types and am currently in school part time to become a Veterinary Assistant. I know from my freelance time that clients need to have a sitter that they can depend on and that they can trust and I can offer this to your agency.

It takes more than just loving animals in order to handle the tasks and clients effectively. A good Pet Sitter also needs to be able to administer medications and clean up after the pet no matter what that mess may be. For this reason, I know that I would bring the full package to your agency. I can be reached at any time by calling (111)-106-4627. I feel that a meeting between us would be beneficial to me and to your agency.


Jana Morris

Jana Morris

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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