Sample Astronomer Education and Training Requirements

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Though many of us have heard of the job title astronomer, few of us know any more details regarding this profession-for example, how much education and training is required to get a job in this field. If you’re considering the career of an astronomer, you may be wondering this very question. Below, we offer a review of what education and training is required of different levels of careers in the astronomy career field.
It should be noted that for the career of astronomer, there are a wide variety of career levels that one can apply to and be carrying forth the same general function-with big differences but still applicable. For example, someone who is interested in astronomy as a science need not complete more than a minimum Bachelors of Science; whereas an applicant interested in becoming an entry level astronomer would need at the very least a Masters Degree in Astronomy, Physics, or a related field. Really, it is recommended that a person looking to be hired and excel at his/her profession as an astronomer ought to have a Doctorate degree-to be able to compete with like-minded scientist applicants for positions of quality opportunity and income.
With this in mind, a candidate should be aware of the fact that since the subject of the discipline is so specific and hinged upon technological innovation and advance; that it is imperative that astronomers keep their skills and knowledge advanced and well-honed through continuing education, as required by the companies, universities and government bodies which employ them.

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